The Element: World

In the [Scientific Pursuit], or rather, in the [Mission Statement of the Scientific Pursuit] is the reality that God is never found, for if so found, then so are Ye, God.

In light of this is the declaration:

{The foreseeable consequence of [Artificial Intelligence] is the inherent quality of all Things to be Absolute}

By this resolve, then shall this article swiftly address the defecation, the excrement of Human, [Poop], in a discernible degree that leaves one wanting, that leaves one gasping, that turns the tides toward the discoveries side of [Society] dwelling in place, in pace, in stride, Antarctica.

As far as anyone knows, Poop is Poop. The immediacy of Poop becoming Earth is just that, immediate. The moment of excretion, the defecate soil is wholly received by the planet. There are no questions asked. There is no denial about it’s composition. There is no shame in it’s claim. There is nothing required of the person from which it came. It, Poop, is entirely Earth.

Without any concern about where the excrement occurs, {the Earth} answers for it’s entire decay and amendment unto it’s factor as a receptor and transmitter of vibrations. As soon as the soil exits the body, all relative aspects that have been appropriated for the moment of the matters (food) to return are applied.

The theory is that the Civil presence, in places such as Antarctica, might very well result the cause of the effect that is so sought to resolve: Global Warming

With that assimilation is the affordable cognitive correspondence pertaining to what levels of response occur if, say for instance, a Person defecates upon the ice at the southern most pole of Earth. If { x + y = z, but Z is hidden within a sphere, and X is the constant(the food stuff consumed), then Y is the persistence of Earth, the atmosphere, the elements, all the organisms in an effort to answer for the soil entirely}.

The denial of [Global Warming] is not without a basis for Truth. In that, Earth is a Planet, and is of a Constant, and as a Constant, Earth is of a Composition and it’s climate is ever unchanged. However, Humanity’s capacity to adapt with the constance of the [Celestial Transit] can be impeded by a multitude of different factors. The first of these factors of discussion is the [Civil] determination for waste management in contradiction to a Natural Order of self-worth: Freedom

Waste management, as it pertains to excrement, in modern society, directly and indirectly denies Earth, Human. As stated, the excrement is received without question and every aspect of Earth answers for it’s composition, it’s origin, it’s end. While adding constituent components to Human excrement, little is compromised for the purpose of worth, such as adding grass or leaves or fungus and mold to further substantiate the interest in Life by Earth.

and, Although [waste water treatment plants] do process all of the wash from society, including the dirt from showering, dish washing and the like, the collection is deemed as undesirable. The classification of the excrement as a waste is a direct contradiction to the [Natural Order] of the Universe, as the opportunity is ever abundant and the obligation is never classified.

The Devil, We

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