Article in the First

As Earth, so unto the Universe, that which we Reap.

As though taught that the rights of the people established by the [Constitution of the United States of America], the First Amendment, we the People can go anywhere saying anything while making demands that best suits our needs and sacrifice our neighbor’s children at leisure:

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

However, it is by a simple observable trait of the decree that argues to the point about where the freedom of the people is found, is warranted, is to be claimed.

“and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Grievances, as defined, pertains to an objectivity of one’s actions by another, but is not necessarily limited to an individual, as a person might raise the issue about leaves accumulating during Autumn, thus covering a roadway. The concern about the visibility might warrant a grievance to be filed.

In example: a municipality would appropriate funds for the purpose of employing a street sweeper or a grounds crew to remove the leaves.

The action of the municipality would be the grievance by way of how the funds are secured. The legislative body would deem the funds for purpose and then become approved and as such be found as if by law. The same is said for all other laws of [the United States of America]. Each and every law, even the Constitution, is a grievance.

The most profound aspect of the first amendment is the right to petition for redress.

As the word {redress} becomes more familiar, the potency of the people’s right to petition becomes more apparent and in order to example the effect of grievances and the insight that such grievances, as the sufferable evils, have their resolve, is the recent decision by [the President of the United States of America], Donald John Trump, to invoke the [Executive Power] by the signing of an [Executive Order] to protect student’s right to the freedom of speech while on the campuses of Colleges and Universities.

Before addressing the grievance, the cause for concern must be acknowledged. By way of the [Constitution], a person of, or within, the [United States] is afforded the right to free speech. Yet, as by this deduction, a person who applies to and enrolls into a College or University is speaking. The decision to attend a particular institution is their {Word}.

The grievance was the [First Amendment], the speech was the student’s enrollment, but now the right to speak is having become more negotiated, as if soiled, that the greater action of the student to attend an institution is now next to meaningless. The detrimental effect of this [Executive Order] is now the priveledge of College student’s of the United States to embark upon the pathways of the discovery of the knowledge they have sought to learn. Effectively neutralizing the [Institutions of Higher Learning].

The sufferance of a grievance, such as this, acts within the parameters of the context, thus meeting the standard to which the grievance defines. For instance: the [Executive Order], as mentioned, will likely spur an influx of shop lifting | the order is not without the likeness of prompting someone to eat the groceries prior to exiting a store and expect to owe nothing, for there is nothing to purchase if it is already consumed

Effectively, even though the choice is one’s {Word}, now, by the [Executive Order], College Students are to be Honored not for credentials, but simply for having said anything at all. It is the pursuit to prove our worth beyond the institution that is the peril we are about to meet, or know not of at all.

and, As tangible has this article become, what follows the students back within the confines of the Institutions they have chosen to be a part of will be with a great, silencing, unrelenting lull. At the centers of College and University Campuses throughout the [United States] will be a doubt about whether or not their {Word} is being heard.

The right to petition for redress of grievances now bears some significance to the very plight to which caused the founding of the [United States of America] in the first place: the absence of a King’s Rule

Each and every grievance diminishes the strength of the blocks of the pyramid of our, [the United States], {Great Seal}. When a layer has become eroded, then more departments of Governmental Institutions become founded. The apparent truth, by [Department of Homeland Security], indicates we the people have reached the base. That the government of the [United States] stands now by the pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters that are found, as if litter upon the road.


The increased volume of sanctions imposed upon other nations, as of [March| 25th | 20’19], have become to be overbearing and the likely hood of invasion is fathomable.

Sanctions speak to other nations, indicating that the imposing government’s people have set forth the resolve of the concerns that have been implicated as the cause for intervention. While a nation imposes sanctions on another, or upon persons or organizations and the like, the reciprocal force acts the same as the sufferance occruring by way of the grievances: Just because [Americans] enjoy Sunday-night television programs, does not make affordable, the fallback of sanctioning a country until it’s economic collapse

Though the [United States of America] might endure an invading army, there are few Americans that are even aware of the reality that a Military State is forming. The contest is to decipher the context of the basis that formed the grievance, as issued, and be free of it’s cause.

The difficulty in discerning how the freedom of speech can be interpreted as a grievance is eased by the comprehension of the Natural Occurrences:

A person can drink salt water just the same as choosing a college is the word spoken by enrollment, but in protest, does the heart fail to hear the volumes of it’s conviction.

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