Inoculous Qua

As of [March |the 14th | 20’19], a recurrence of certain afflictions has arisen of the people of [the United States of America] such as: Measles {Rubeola}

An observation of the facts, however, indicates that (Measles) has not gone away. A culture of Parents who have objected to, or refrained from, inoculating their children has, instead, called a need to address a concern greater than the affliction.

As when a person is without food, they are hungry. When a person is without water, they are thirsty. As when a person is in winter, they are cold. Of, at least with (Measles), by visual deduction, there is a sexual burden. As (Measles) affects mostly children, this rationality is not without it’s own reservations.

In the general public, even if the body presents of facts to the precipation, an adult will shy from their own admission of appeal towards a younger Human, thus concerning greater by the masses. The child in the circumstance of this event receives the notice, receptively, by skin, hair, heart, as their own presence is acknowledged and a reciprocal response becomes partitioned: a testimony

{I have eaten Chocolate and am flush with fervor : Fervor is So, as found : I shall need this claim for I to return my cool | ‘that is not Mine’ so says the adult}

As the testimony is denied the pursuit for it’s penance becomes to exceed suitable degrees of tolerance and because the truth is by they whom are, then it is by our own to uphold. In order to establish, by the order, by civility, it must be accepted that all Humans are Human and that if the demonizing of sexual behavior is more prominent than the voice of a witness, shall then the afflictions be called upon, by need.

The most consequencial reality is: a human does not need to breed for it has already been

By this reality, if fervor is not met with by favor, yet instead by a witness, then the afflicted may see to their own resolve, integrally. However true or unproven this deduction may be, does not answer yet, why the parents are refraining from inoculating their children. The best example might very well be found in our ways of treating animals.

While at a campground, in a county of Florida, a park attendant informed me about the way that two turtles will engage each other until one turtle is overturned. The overturned turtle is then likely to be succumb to death by it’s circumstance. If the occurrence of the turtle is [All Turtle], then it is not a tragedy, nor a conflict, that, of the turtled, the turtle sustained. Such as a person picking an apple to eat will likely look past the rotting apples on the ground.

One body meets it end and begins again, but if when we turn over the turtle and it strikes awe within society, even though the end result is gravely cruel, we likely find ourselves contemplating death as the Life we gaveled.

Even in this example it might so easily be to the dismay of the soul that we must ignore the dying things, but this assumption is what ignores the more likely cause of condition: renewal

Could the overturned turtle have engaged itself in order to belly-up skyward, then it might be more easily reckoned that surviving it’s condition provides for it’s own endurance. If it remains in state undeterred, without grievance, without sorrow, or without seeking pity, then it may again be, humbled.

Though there might not be side-effects, or limited side-effects, spawning from inoculations, the greater concern is for what becomes overlooked by the self-imposed immunity to an occurrence of the stature of Humanity: the conscience

[precipation (preh-sih-pay-shun): as exampled (-.0001|.9999)]

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