As All Elegant, as So has Been

{A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.} Declaration of Independence

Of the points by perfection that lay the course determined by the days past, may there be seen an aside from Tyranny, yet instead, the disinterest of a King of two lands whom is set to unite them so: the United Kingdom of Great Britain {January (the 1st) of the year: 18’01} by King George [III].

By process and passion, the People of the Colonies of the America, are so found, not to be objective to the rule of a King, but instead, by the absence of the King’s Rule. The importance, and perhaps the proof, as defined, by the reciting of [Pledge of Allegiance], of absolutism in regards, not to whether a ruler is just and civil, or envied, or feared, but honorable and the recipient of the makings for Love.

The augmentation by the decree for independence and the forming of the subsequent documents for maintaining civility, unto a result of Peace, is the acknowledgement of the reality of the present Human condition. That the Human order, it’s determinate factors, have been witnessed and have been proven, that God is not with or by any thing. It is the subjection to a need for the implementations, the items, objects, companions, the myths and fears that is described in the symbolism of [the United States of America]: The Great Seal

[The Great Seal] is accompanied by a reverse, of which, is a depiction of an unfinished pyramid, The Great Eye of Providence, a latin phrase and a date. The indication is that, so long as Humanity remains unresolved, shall it continue to be embraced by the pains of life: Death

The resolve to the crisis of Humanity, World, is the governance by Humanity. The conflict of the crisis is the contest to be proven right in regards to how Humanity shall survive it’s own lapse of accountability. An example of this lapse is the proposals and incorporation of legislation that is made after the occurrence of objectivity: Justice

If a man steals wine from a cellar of a house, then it’s owner might then incorporate a better lock, but then all else of a man’s house becomes that much less secure. The man might also report the loss and now in place of one bottle of wine becomes the salary of an extra Police Officer. Would the man pursue the resolve of loss by progress, he might also resolve his lust for the death, the relief from a pain that has long been forgotten or denied a name.

The more legislation by the governance of Humanity’s World that becomes, is the less of the spirit, Freedom, that Nature endures: the depletion of being

[As the many Houses, there is no place for Me.]

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