The Basis of Compromise

The current sitting President of the United States of America, as of [March | 2nd | 20’19], Donald John Trump, decries of the media as [Fake News]. So to simplify: the President of the United States of America has raised cause for concern.

-We Shall Heed this Call-

Beginning with a report produced by [The Daily Beast] regarding the security clearances of one, Ivana Marie Trump and Jared Corey Kushner. The headline:

[‘The View’s’ Abby Huntsman Takes Victory Lap After Catching Ivanka Trump in ‘First Public Lie’]

If not to begin and end with the obvious, then instead I shall assume we are all blind and form a truth by the facts so found, that we may go forth and be.

  1. [The Daily Beast] is reporting about [The View]
  2. [The View] claims to have proof
  3. [first public lie] as reported, as claimed

Dwelving into the article reveals [The Daily Beast] does not inject opinion into the content other than the subjection of inferring a difference in the response by {Ivanka} and a more recent report about a [direct order] given by President Trump to his Chief of Staff: John Francis Kelly. As well as, a sub-heading: Red-Handed

The article does not implicate {Ivanka} as having lied as {Ivanka} indicates:

[the president had no involvement]

Yet, [The Daily Beast] specifically highlights the response in comparison to the more recent report of President Trump’s direction to his staff, wherein, Chief of Staff Kelly is said to have been given an order to ensure the [security clearances] of {Ivanka} and Mr. Kushner are procured.

Nowhere in the report by [The Daily Beast] is it mentioned that {Ivanka} had any knowledge of President Trump’s [direct order]. The article may very well be interpreted as though [The Daily Beast] is accusing {Ivanka} of lying, but that’s not what is presented. If [The Daily Beast] were asked about what [red-handed] implies, then perhaps they would wagon my band of manure as if holding themselves to a standard greater than the President, his assistant and an adviser, but that is not what is presented:

{Ivanka} had not spoken of having knowledge about a direct order given by the President of the United States of America.

…but the article is more easily read as if calling the integrity of [The View] into question, of which I may witness, too.

[A victory without contest is a fable and nye shall the awards so be, as the beginning remains unfound by my restful sleep.]

[It is not for I to hold you to a crime even if the truth of your lies are all I find.]

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